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Barstool Racer

When your bike just isn’t providing you with enough fun getting from place to place, then you’re going to love what a barstool racer can do for you. These fun little guys are perfect for tooling around your yard or on down to your neighbor’s house. Although most models are not exactly street legal, they still provide great fun for riding around short distances.

These racers are very simple machines that deliver great fun. You can find them in several different models that offer flexible options. For example, if you simply plan on tooling around your yard, then you’ll want to look into models with some higher torque that will allow you to traverse more difficult terrain. And then there are the speed freaks among you who can look forward to models that offer several gears to work through, so you can achieve the speed you truly desire. Some models even feature speeds capable of keeping you competitive enough to race in a league.

You can also find models that serve more of a utilitarian purpose. These have handy features such as baskets and saddle bags that allow you to tote around all your gear with ease.

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